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Caladium Growing Instructions

Sizes: The size of a caladium bulb is determined by the diameter of the caladium bulb. A vigorous healthy caladium bulb should have a rounded full base which provides the nutrients for growth of the caladium plant with very little fertilization required. Bates Sons & Daughters are known for their large grade of caladium bulbs.

Our caladium bulbs are sold in 4 sizes.







1.0” – 1.5”

1.5” – 2.5”

2.5” – 3.5”

3.5” – & up (limited quantities & varieties)

Recommendations for a full quality pot:

4” – 4.5” pot

6” – 6.5” pot

8” pot

10” pot

12” pot

one #1 or two #2’s

one Jumbo or two #1’s

four #1’s or two Jumbos

five #1’s

six #1’s or three Jumbos

Light and Forcing: Moderate light levels are fine for all varieties- 2500-4500 foot candles. Light is not necessary during the forcing time for caladiums which is generally 3-4 weeks. Stacking pots, covering them with plastic, and forcing them on racks will all work. After the caladiums start to show spikes of 1”-2” then you can spread them on benches. Please note that many caladium varieties are tolerant of full sun conditions. This makes them more adaptable for landscape or mixed container plantings.

Temperatures: Providing adequate heat is the most important factor in timely forcing of caladiums. They force best if temperatures, including night time temperatures, can stay above 70 F. Damage to caladium plants will not occur in the 60’s but you will increase forcing time and lose valuable bench space.

Fertilization: Caladiums are low feeders. Do not, we repeat, do not put them on a constant liquid feed program. It will cause toxicity issues that are most noticeable in white varieties. Interveinal browning will occur on the leaves and eventual death of the tissue causing a "windowing effect". One application of 200 ppm at spike time and again 3 weeks later is sufficient.

Water: Keep caladium plants evenly moist- do not let them dry down. Watch your water temperatures. If the water temperatures are in the 50’s or lower, the caladium plants will sit there for weeks with no active growth. Also, high pH water can cause symptoms similar to fertilizer damage.

Crop Time: Caladium bulbs planted in January – April will take 8-10 weeks. May- summer months will take 5-6 due to higher temperatures and age of tubers.

De-eyeing Guidelines: What is de-eyeing? De-eyeing is the manual removal of main eyes to break apical dominance. It increases leaf count, decreases leaf size, and results in a short plant with more uniformity. How do you de-eye? Take a small, pointed knife and flick out the main eyes or buds. Be careful not to cut out the small eyes surrounding the main eye. More complete information available on request.

Additional Hints: De-eyeing will increase your forcing time by a week. It can be done any time before potting, preferably 1-2 weeks before to give the tubers time to heal. Varieties with numerous visible eyes do not have strong apical dominance and de-eyeing is unnecessary. De-eyeing will eliminate the large showy leaves and is not recommended in 8” pots or larger.

Plant Growth Regulator: Paclobutrazol (Bonzi) applications will not increase leaf count or break apical dominance. It can, however, give some height control if necessary. Please use caution with PGR’s on caladiums. Caladiums are sensitive to PGR’s and excessive stunting and greening of white varieties can occur if they are not applied properly. More information is available on request.

If you have any questions on growing caladiums, don’t hesitate to contact

Caladiums for Commercial Growers 2019 Variety Information


Name Sun Tolerant Height De-Eye Univ. Of FL Varieites Exclusive
Aaron yes tall X
Candidum medium X
Candidum Jr. medium
Fantasy yes medium X
Fiesta yes short PP26,833
Garden White yes tall X PP20,448
Moonlight yes medium PP14,565
Tapestry yes tall X PP24,432
White Christmas medium X
White Queen yes tall X
Carolyn Whorton yes tall X
Elise yes tall X X
Fannie Munson medium X
Flamingo yes tall X
Hot Pants yes tall X X
Pink Beauty medium X
Rosebud medium
Spring Fling yes medium X X
Tequila Sunrise tall X PP20,446
Brandywine tall X
Freida Hemple medium X
Postman Joyner tall X
Red Flash yes tall X
Royal Flush yes medium PP24,431
Autumn Beauty yes tall X X
Frog In A Blender yes tall X X
Raspberry Blush yes medium PENDING X
Wildfire yes medium X
Gingerland yes medium X
Miss Muffet yes medium
Strawberry Star yes medium PP24,681
Icicle yes short PP29,249
Pearl Blush yes medium X
White Wing yes medium X
Pink Gem yes short
Pink Symphony yes short
Sizzle yes short PP26,591
Sweetheart yes short X
Cherry Tart yes short PP24,680
Red Ruffles yes short PP13,136

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